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Dorset County Spring Show

Dorset County Spring Show

The sun was shining yesterday and it was a perfect afternoon for the fifth annual Dorset County Spring Show. Entering the hall at Sunninghill School in Dorchester, I was hit by the beautiful heady scent of spring flowers and blossoms. Free entry ensured there were lots of visitors who all also seemed enthralled by the vast array of spring flowers on show. There were over 450 entries in a huge variety of classes ranging from daffodils to cacti.

Indeed there were in fact 32 separate classes just for the humble daffodil! - some of which didn’t look so humble after all but varied from big and bright yellow to tiny and delicate white. I don’t think I have ever seen so many different daffodils in one place, and all of exceptional show quality.


But the daffodil was by no means the only flower on show: tulips, muscari, amaryllis, primroses and polyanthus all featured. Again all ranging from big and blousy to pale and miniature. I really loved the juxtaposition of the tiny cherry blossom on one side of the table and a big prickly cactus on the other! There really was something for everyone.

It was lovely to see some children’s classes as well and the class of the vase of cut spring flowers from the garden really caught my eye for the gorgeous bright flowers the children had chosen and beautifully arranged.

It was not just flowers and plants on show but a small vegetable section to get us all excited about the wonderful produce which will be exhibited in September in the annual Dorset County Show. There was some really gorgeous bright pink rhubarb and some rather lovely plump onions too- well you can’t have a country show without some onions on show!


Oh and there was a baking class! I do wish I had known about this as I would have loved to have entered. The lemon and rosemary Easter loaf cakes looked so tasty and so perfect to see the pretty rosemary flowers beautifully adorn the cakes. 


Next year I’m determined to not just visit this delightful Spring show but enter too. Definitely the cookery classes and if I can get the allotment sorted maybe I too could attempt a fancy daffodil or two! I’d highly recommend visiting next Spring if you are in the area and want a nice gentle introduction into the Country Show season. I really am so excited about the annual Dorset County Show in September now!!

Silver and Sparkle with Hiho Silver

Silver and Sparkle with Hiho Silver