Hi everyone! I’m Liz Jones and I’m a GP at a rural surgery in West Dorset during the week and at weekends I work as an emergency GP visiting people out of hours who are too unwell to get to the hospital to be seen. I qualified as a doctor in 2006 and I really enjoy my work. I truly believe in the importance of self care, preventative medicine and looking after our bodies as much as possible.

I grew up in West Dorset and am very much a country girl! I love the British countryside and love learning about the rural area I live in. I have a small allotment where I grow my own fruit and veg for added health benefits. I enjoy stonecarving, long country walks, I’m learning to shoot and horse ride and am blessed to have the gorgeous Dorset coastline on my doorstep so I can paddle board when the weather is good enough.

I really hope you enjoy this blog, both the country lifestyle posts and the health posts where I aim to write about things which I hope will be of interest, but I am always ready for suggestions!

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!

Liz xx